Three-Pronged Strategy


  • We plan to establish cooperatives in 4 different counties across California
  • Our innovative approach brings time tested cultivation practices together with cutting edge technology and facilities
  • With plants in the ground on two continents, GCI is ready to meet reliable demand for flower
  • Flower sales represent 40.6% of Average market share in 2019(1)

Aggregation, Distribution, & Processing

  • California Cannabis Brands: our distributor of regulated / plant touching products – convenience and accessibility are key to our strategy
  • Westone Distribution: our distributor of nonplant touching products comprised of 5,000+ SKUS, 500 wholesale customers, representing over 100 vendors


  • Non-plant touching retail has a footprint with three PUFF shops and the distinction of being Vancouver’s People’s Choice winner for best Accessories Shop for 10+ years
  • Plant-Based Boutique – dedicated to the female consumer, their focus is on health, wellness and self-care which is 100% plant-based
  • Mendocino will house, People United for Flower (PUFF), and offer education, empowerment and healing to its customers