PUFF Retail Shops

We operate three out of the four award-winning PUFF retail shops with locations throughout the city of Vancouver and for over 20 years, we’ve been the pillar of education and amazing customer service for the cannabis community.
Since the award’s inception, we’ve won the Best Customer Service Reader’s Choice award with Georgie Straights and pride ourselves on being the ‘hub’ for all that is new, influential and innovative within our community. We like to think of our retail stores as the epicentre for what’s happening in the cannabis world.
We also see our shops as a place for local glass-blowing artists to come and hang out. Glass-blowing is at the root of the counter-culture of our business. Like the festival scene and the political infused music of the 1970s, we see glass-blowing as the artistic statement of an industry that is only now making its way into the mainstream. Our stores (and our warehouse space) are the place where this artistry is celebrated.
Retail is successful because of its people and in many cases, the culture that is created within the shops. We’re proud to say that most of our retail team has been with us for over five-years and in some cases, closer to 10. This is virtually unheard of within traditional retail and our team’s tenure and commitment to the business has created an amazing guest experience as well as deep and meaningful relationships between our team and customers. We consider the role of our team members to be not only ambassadors to our brands but also as a vertically integrated business, on the front lines of research and development on a daily basis.

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