PUFF Cannabis Co.

Coming from the iconic Emerald Triangle of Humboldt, CA – we’re excited to launch our first strain of cannabis for distribution in late 2018. Our partnership with Blessed Coast Farms – the first LP in Humboldt and California reinforces our commitment to legacy, trust and knowledge.

The team at Blessed Coast are second generation cultivators with over 15 years of experience and expertise – not only in soil and mitigating weather conditions but also in the construction of the infrastructure of what it takes to grow premium cannabis.  Coupled with the near-perfect conditions within the Emerald Triangle – we’re well positioned to have one of the best products available in the market.

Why PUFF Cannabis Co.? A little background of why we’re committed to PUFF – People United for Flower. 

PUFF Cannabis Co.’s roots celebrate the 1970s and the Flower Power movement born and cultivated in California. This was a bold expression of self and sexuality that was experienced among the youth of North America, particularly in music and in the festival scene.

It was here that freedom, truth and artistry were celebrated. Festivals like Woodstock, Altamont, and Isle of Wight illustrated the shifts happening in social norms and highlighted a revolution of ideas that was underway.

Today, we look to this time and the music and bands that have endured and we see them as beacons for authenticity, honestly and quality.  We love the message of the music, we value its heritage and history and we see ourselves reflected in the community that was created decades ago.

With a reverence to the past and a celebration of the present, we too take a stand for being bold, curious and authentic — in everything that we do.



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