GCI Corp. Celebrates legalization of Cannabis with Donation to BC-based Kyla’s Quest

VANCOUVER, CA — October 16, 2018 — On the eve of Canada’s historic legalization of marijuana, Global Cannabis Innovators Corp. (GCI Corp.) marked the occasion by making a donation to British Columbia based Kyla’s Quest, a non-profit resource offering families education, information, emotional support and financial assistance for sick children.

Kyla’s Quest came about as a result of a young girl who suffered from intractable seizures, a form of epilepsy. Her grandmother, Elaine Nuessler, runs the organization and supports families with children like Kyla, providing information, referrals, education and, at times, financial assistance to those looking to medical cannabis as part of their child’s pain management and healing protocol.

“We wanted to give back to the province that is the bedrock of our company, British Columbia. When we heard about Kyla’s Quest, we immediately wanted to support their work,” said Sean Conacher, CEO of GCI Corp. “Legalization to us also means the freedom to research and develop cannabis as a powerful tool to heal and manage pain – and organizations like Kyla’s Quest are doing this work daily, making a huge impact.

For more information: http://www.kylasquest.com/ About GCI Corp.

Toronto-based Global Cannabis Innovators Corp. (GCI Corp.) has built trust, credibility and revenue through its award-winning retail outlets and B2B operations for more than 20 years. With deep expertise in finance, marketing, branding and tax law, and access to Canadian capital markets, GCI Corp. is committed to elevating the cannabis industry by building a high-performing and diverse portfolio of companies.


Sean Conacher, CEO & Co-founder Global Cannabis Innovators Corp. sean@gcicorp.ca


For information about Kyla’s Quest, contact: Elaine Nuessler

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