Global Cannabis Innovators Corp. Gains a Foothold in Switzerland and the EU with Certified Organic CBD

TORONTO, ON — October 25, 2018 — Global Cannabis Innovators Corp. (GCI Corp.) signed a letter of intent with Switzerland-based Zitronic Hemplements AG for the production and distribution of certified organic cannabidiol (CBD), a naturally occurring compound of cannabis with many potential therapeutic benefits.

Zitronic is an industrial research and development company that specializes in the cultivation and production of certified organic hemp products. Founders Jan Hug and Dario Tobler, both master growers and experts in genetics, have the distinction of being first-to-market in Switzerland with certified organic, hemp-derived CBD.

GCI Corp. has worked closely with Zitronic over the past year to gain insight into the Swiss and EU markets. “What they are doing with CBD and hemp is incredible and they have deep relationships that extend beyond their border, directly into the EU – a highly desirable footprint that aligns with our global mandate,” said Sean Conacher, CEO of GCI Corp.

Zitronic has also capitalized on the vending-machine culture that exists throughout Europe. “Having these as centralized distribution hubs throughout Switzerland and parts of the EU for their products – and soon, our product – is a cost-effective, branded experience for the consumer,” added Conacher.

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Sean Conacher, CEO & Co-founder Global Cannabis Innovators Corp.